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We are hosting our first-ever Open Space event!

Open Space Technology (OST) is a group facilitation approach for small and large gatherings in which a central purpose, issue, or task is addressed, but which begins with a purposeful lack of any formal initial agenda.  The theme of the event is "The Future is Now: Where's my quality Jet Pack?"

We invite software developers, testers, business analysts, consultants and executives to come participate in the event where we discuss the current state of Quality in Software and where it succeeds, fails, and where it will lead.

This will be a free, virtual event.

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3/23/20248:00am to 1:00pmMichael Larsen

Please join us for this month’s meetup.

This will be an online meetup.

The topic has not yet been announced.

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4/17/202412:00pm to 1:30pmMichael Larsen

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