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PNSQC December Meetup - AI Prompts & Holiday Networking
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST

Event Description
Have you used generative AI for software quality? 
In fact, ChatGPT was used to write a description of this event:

Dive into the next frontier of software quality with our immersive session that brings programmers and testers together for a cutting-edge exploration at the Golden Valley Brewery in Beaverton. Join us on a journey where ChatGPT, the language model powerhouse, meets the meticulous world of software testing.

What to Expect:

🤝 Collaboration at its Best: Break down the traditional barriers between programmers and testers as we embark on a collaborative journey. Witness the fusion of coding genius and quality assurance prowess.

🔍 Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT: Experience the potential of ChatGPT prompts in the realm of software quality. From crafting precise test cases to generating dynamic test scenarios, discover how language models can elevate your testing game.

💡 Innovative Problem Solving: Tackle real-world software challenges through interactive problem-solving. See how ChatGPT prompts become a dynamic tool in the hands of both programmers and testers, pushing the boundaries of creativity and efficiency.

🌐 Global Insights, Local Solutions: Engage in a global conversation about the role of AI in software quality while tailoring insights to your unique projects. Share experiences, best practices, and discover how this transformative technology can be harnessed for localized excellence.

🚧 Hands-On Workshop: Get your hands dirty in a hands-on workshop led by industry experts. Learn to formulate effective prompts, witness live demonstrations, and explore the potential pitfalls and triumphs of integrating ChatGPT into your quality assurance arsenal.

🎓 Continuous Learning: Our session isn't just an event; it's a catalyst for ongoing learning. Connect with a network of professionals passionate about the intersection of AI and software quality, and stay updated on the latest advancements in the field.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to revolutionize your approach to software quality. Be part of the conversation, the collaboration, and the transformation. The future of testing is here!

This will be a hybrid meetup - both in person in Portland and on Zoom.
If you can attend in person, PNSQC will provide some complementary food & beverages.