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Event Registration - Pacific NW Software Quality Conference
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Broken Image PNSQC 2021 Software Quality Conference
10/11/2021 - 10/13/2021

The Pacific NW Software Quality Conference is an annual event focusing on better methods for developing and testing software projects. Now in its 39th year, the theme for PNSQC 2021 is Quality Coming Together. 

Join us online in October for this two-day technical program followed by a day of workshops. Currently, we are offering our early bird discounted rates through September 6th 2021.

Package Description Full Price Early Bird
Early Bird 3-Day Includes all events during the 2-day technical conference and a full day of workshops. $499 $459
Early Bird 2-Day Includes all events during the 2-day technical conference only. It does not include the third day of workshops. $399 $339
Early Bird Workshops Only This package is for those who want to register for a full day of workshops at PNSQC 2021, without the 2-day technical program. You will be able to attend one morning workshop and one afternoon workshop. $129 $119
Early Bird Half-Day Workshop Only                     This package is for those who want to attend one workshop at PNSQC 2021, either in the AM or in the PM. It does not include the 2-day technical program. After registering you will be able to select which workshop you want to attend. $79 $69

PNSQC events draw participants from universities and corporations from around the world. Among the major participants have been ADP, Boeing Computer Services, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Mentor Graphics, Tektronix, Microsoft, Portland State University and Oregon State University.

For questions regarding the packages available please email

Registration ends on 10/13/2021

Early bird rates end September 20th!

The PNSQC 2021 Conference is a full two days of presentations plus morning and afternoon tutorials. Our third day will be dedicated to providing hands-on workshops across four different tracks; Technical, Quality Engineering, Management and Leadership, and Emerging Technologies. 

Registering for the 39th Annual Conference with any pricing package will also register attendees as full members for one year free. 

Details for each presentation and presenter biographies are provided on the PNSQC website 

Conference Day 1 : Monday October 11th, 2021

Conference Day 2 : Tuesday October 12th, 2021 

Workshops : Wednesday October 13th, 2021

Practice Session 3 for PNSQC2021

If I can get this working correctly, this is the goal for today. mostly back-end stuff.
we will have 3 simultaneous sessions.
you will register for a certain package, 1-3, with each package associated with a different zoom meeting.
when you register, hopefully, you'll get a notice of the zoom meeting info associated with that package.
we hopefully can practice having Cody as the host via the pnsqchost zoom ID, and configure alternative host inside zoom itself, or do the assign as co-host during the actual zoom meeting and have Cody leave the meeting (as a test). 
We should start forming up all the directions for the moderator in this meeting. I have some in the spreadsheet previously shared. see table below.
Probably want some type of sponsor slide in between sessions - Each moderator needs general slide deck with conference logistics and sponsor logos, Work the stuff in between sessions - address overall conf stuff, what next after break, join us for xxx. Can be partially guided with an agenda slide.
Having a count down between sessions is helpful to keep people in sync - zoom has this capability
Each session will need a person for the introduction, manage questions and to call for help from the tech if needed
Admn (moderator) account needs to have/set full control over the session - mute participants, block sharing...general admin hygiene this will probably fall to the session moderator.
Be ready to share the video if the speaker doesn't show up
How does Memberleap verify that someone clicking on the Zoom link is the correct person?
Memberleap just sends links out to the email addr who registered? What is some other person gets the link?